Garage Sale Time! How to Get Your Garage Ready

Spring is in the air! And that means it’s time for spring cleaning. After all, you’ll be leaving your overhead garage door open more often for parties and to enjoy the beautiful weather. A big part of cleaning out your garage is figuring out what to do with all the stuff. How about a garage sale? It’s a great way to clean out old storage areas, find reuse for items you no longer need, and even make a little money!

Here is how to prepare for a garage sale and reclaim your life.

Organize the Mess

If your garage is like most people’s, it’s an absolute horrid mess. The first step is to organize it. This can be an overwhelming process at first, but start small. It gets easier as you go along. Organize the stuff in your garage into 3 piles: keep, junk, and sell or donate. Be honest about what you really want to keep. Will you really need it in the next year, not just the proverbial future? Also be honest about what others will find useful or want to buy. Goodwills, unfortunately, have become dumping grounds for America’s trash. Decide what will really be worth something to somebody, and trash all the rest.

And of course keep an eye out for the truly valuable. This can be difficult, but the Internet (especially eBay) can help. What may look like a worthless trinket to you could actually be worth hundreds of dollars. Some people make their livings scouring garage sales for under appreciated and under priced antiques. You may be sitting on a flea market goldmine and not know it.

Clean Up Your Garage 

Next, you’ll need to make your garage presentable. Clean up any oil stains. Take a broom to the cobwebs. Clear out any ugly messes.

And yes, you might want to make your overhead garage door more attractive as well. Give it a wash if it’s dirty. Take some rust remover to it. Do any regular maintenance and easy garage door repairs you’ve been putting off. It’s important that your garage door is in good repair because it will essentially be the backdrop of your sale.

Make Sure Your Garage Door is In Working Order

Equally important is the functionality of your garage door. Make sure it opens smoothly and without any hitches. Test the remote control and keypad to ensure they work correctly. A malfunctioning garage door can be a significant inconvenience during a busy sale day. It reduces the space that you can lay out your wares across. If you check it ahead of time you can schedule a garage door repair ahead of time. This can change when you’re doing your garage sale (and maybe what the money is going towards).

Inspect the door’s safety features as well, such as the auto-reverse mechanism, to ensure it operates safely. Address any issues promptly with a professional garage door technician if necessary. It ensures a hassle-free day and helps you make the most of your sale.

Price Tag It

Now that you’ve decided what you want to sell, start pricing. If you don’t know, just guess! Somebody can always talk you down if it’s too high. You can also look up prices on eBay and other selling sites.

Put Sales Stuff in the Driveway

The stuff that will make an easy sale you should put in your driveway. This gets them in the garage door, so to speak. Toys, old but nice clothes, knickknacks work great.

Organize Sections

Organize sections of stuff you are selling. Put all your kitchen stuff in one area, clothes in another, shoes in a separate pile. Books should have their own table. Maybe even have a special section for mystery novels or romances. Include a table for DVDs or VHS.


Disco Stu might not advertise, but you should. Put fliers around your neighborhood announcing your sale. Maybe time your sale with other garage sales in the neighborhood. Don’t forget to include the time and the address. If you have childrens books, clothes or other specialty items, don’t forget to mention them. These could attract a crowd!

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