Why Garage Door Replacement Increases Property Value

Who doesn’t love value for their money? As it turns out, investing in a new garage door considerably improves the value of your home. In fact, garage door replacement is one of the best financial improvements you can make on your home, improving the worth of the home by about 83.7 percent of the replacement cost, according to US News & World Report.

Beyond boosting property value, a brand-new overhead garage door can mean increased savings and better security. Replacing your existing garage door is a great benefit, especially if your current door is a sight for sore eyes. What better way to be the talk of the block than to upgrade your current door with something fresh and exciting? The average garage door can last up to fifteen years, which means trends and styles have changed. Take advantage of new design choices and boost the value and clout of your home. 

Street Appeal

Much of the value of your home is based on how it looks, especially from the street. A weathered garage door can substantially bring down the property value. A new door can have complementary colors to better blend with the exterior of the home, or have bolder colors for more of a statement. Garage door replacement has never been easier. You can browse popular garage door styles and trends online, finding the right option that works with the design of your home. For a timeless look, consider an elegant wooden garage door. For something stylish and sleek, consider a glass garage door. Aluminum and steel are also popular options that are easy on the wallet. 

Regardless of what garage door material you choose, it’s important that the door replacement stands out, especially if you want to sell your home. The overhead garage door is the largest entryway to your home and will likely be the first thing potential buyers will see, so it’s important to wow them with a garage door replacement that’s trendy and clean. 

Energy Savings

Drafty garage doors make it more difficult to keep the home cool during the hot summers Roseville, Antelope and Citrus Heights are known for. Spend time with your garage door search by seeking a replacement that’s rated well with insulation. The higher the R-value on your garage door replacement, the better it will insulate your garage. Of course, insulated garage doors will be far pricier than standard overhead doors due to the additional materials required for them. If you’re intent on selling your home, it might not be in your best interest to purchase an insulated replacement. On the other hand, if the garage door replacement is simply to make your home standout, spring for an insulated door.  An insulated overhead garage door can decrease cooling costs by as much as 4 percent.

Home Security

There have been dramatic improvements in safety and security in garage door technology in recent years. Sensor eyes prevent the garage door from closing on anything in its path. Timers can ensure the door is closed if you leave in a hurry in the morning. If you’re following through with a garage door replacement, it makes sense to upgrade your garage door opener. In the last decade or so, smart technology has made its way to door openers. Not only are smart door openers affordable but they help make life convenient. 

Smart garage door openers allow homeowners to open doors remotely, which can be particularly helpful if you don’t want to deal with porch pirates. While you’re at work, you can use cameras and sensors to see when the delivery driver is by your garage. Simply open the overhead garage door using your smartphone app and let them in. Once they’ve secured the package, you can lock your door. Examples like these will make new homeowners feel secure knowing that their home is one of the safest on the block. 

Installing A New Garage Door

Once you’ve found a couple of garage door styles that speak to you and your home’s personality, it’s time to consult a garage door installation service. A quality installation company will be licenced and insured, which should allow you to relax. Should anything go wrong with your garage door replacement, the installation company will be able to compensate you. They can also install your brand-new garage door opener. It’s important to go with a well-reviewed qualified company so you know that the future homeowners won’t have to deal with future repairs and issues.

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