Garage Door Inspection: A How-to Guide to Avoid Costly Repairs

Want to save on garage door repair? Inspect it regularly. Like teeth and dental bills, garage door repair is less expensive if you keep up on it. That means being proactive. Which is why we recommend an annual inspection by a garage door repair professional. But we also recommend homeowner inspections as well. The more you are aware of your garage door and how it functions, the better up on repairs you’ll be. You’ll spot repair issues before they become expensive problems. Here’s what to look for.

Inspect the Garage Door Panels

Take a close look at the panels of your garage door. Look to see they are in good shape and not out of alignment. If you have a wooden door, look for any broken pieces, signs of warping, or peeling paint.

Look at the Movement of Your Garage Door

Open and close your garage door and watch its mechanics closely. Does it operate smoothly? Are there areas it lurches, moves slowly, or is particularly loud? Does it seem to be struggling against the tracks?

Check the Straightness of Your Garage Door Tracks

Garage doors come off the track when the tracks aren’t completely straight. Hang a string freely alongside the track to test its straightness. Pay attention to the brackets. Are they tightly secured to the wall? If a track is out of alignment, loosen these brackets and straighten the track. Then tighten the bracket back up again.

Listen to Your Garage Door

Does your garage door creak and rattle. This may be a sign it needs to be oiled. Always use an approved garage door lubricant. Avoid WD40. This can cause the components of your garage door to prematurely ruest. Lubricant is best applied with a brush in order to get into any cracks and crevices.

Inspect the Garage Door Springs

Visually inspect your garage door springs for any signs of slack, rust, or brittleness. If you suspect there’s a problem, call a garage door repair professional. Never fix garage door springs yourself. These springs are under an incredible amount of tension and can cause serious bodily injury if they should suddenly snap.

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