Don’t Procrastinate: Spot Repair Issues with an Annual Garage Door Inspection

The truth is garage doors usually work so well we take them for granted. We assume the door will go up smoothly and efficiently each and every time we use them — until they don’t. Then your whole world can come crashing down – quite literally if your garage door isn’t properly serviced. 

And here’s the thing — most garage door repairs are not complete surprises if you inspect your garage door regularly for potential repair issues. That’s why we highly recommend an annual services inspection for your garage door. You hire a professional garage door repair company to come out and inspect your garage door for any potential repair issues from top to bottom, including your overhead door opener.  

This not only helps keep your garage door in great working order, but it spots garage door repair problems so you have time to deal with them without panicking. This means fewer emergency garage door repair calls to your house. Don’t forget how much money you’ll save from costly repairs if they’re spotted in time. It also makes for better planning and ensures your garage door will operate smoothly and efficiently for time to come.

What We Do for an Annual Inspection

When we do an annual inspection, we do more than just check your garage door for potential repair issues. We’ll tighten down any loose parts, which can be especially helpful if your garage door is making noises that are driving you or your neighbors insane. Make sure the tracks are perfectly aligned so your garage door doesn’t go off track, which can be a costly repair should it happen. We’ll oil all the moving parts of your garage door so it operates smoothly and efficiently. We’ll also take particularly note to inspect and repair your garage door opener if it’s not operating or slower than usual. It’s important to also tend your overhead door’s torsion springs, which can be tricky to inspect and repair if you’re not a professional. 

We’ll also check to see how smoothly your garage door is opening so we can spot potential repair issues before they become real problems. This is a more cost-effective approach to garage door repair that makes life more predictable. Not only will annual inspections save you more money from potential repairs, but they can also save your life. How? Faulty garage doors are a dime a dozen, and should any complicated issues arise, such as a broken torsion spring, your door could come crashing down with you getting caught in the damage. Get ahead of any costly repairs and replacements by letting us handle your garage door opener, springs, and tracks so you can spend more time using your door – not fixing it. 

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