Why You Should Get To Know Your New Garage Door 

Congratulations! Becoming a homeowner is one of the most exciting investments you can make for yourself and your family. Calling a place your own is a thrill like no other but it can also add a ton of stress if you’re not versed in home improvement. One of the biggest enigmas to new homeowners is the garage and its door. After all, even veteran homeowners take overhead doors and the open space of the garage for granted, so it’s no surprise that new homeowners are stumped. 

The garage is one of the most important parts of your home so it’s important to know the basics. 


Your garage door is the largest entryway into your home and depending on the door you have, probably the most accessible. It’s important to keep your garage door locked when it’s not in use and to install a modern overhead opener that can’t be easily broken into. With the advent of modern tech, we recommend smart garage door openers that allow you to remotely open and close your door. Coupled with a security camera, you’ll always be able to keep an eye on the largest entryway to your home. 

DIY Maintenance

There are a variety of DIY repairs that new homeowners can get started on as soon as possible to maintain their garage door, which is one of the most expensive parts of the home. We recommend oiling the moving parts of your garage door every few months. This simple task will lower the likelihood of your door jumping off track – one of the biggest annoyances in garage door ownership. Another simple act of maintenance is tightening whatever screws you can see. You’re going to be using your garage door a lot, especially if you’ve got multiple cars, so expect bolts to get loose over time. One way to get ahead of common issues is to simply tighten things up whenever you’ve got a chance. 

Be Safe With Repairs 

One repair any homeowner will tell you not to touch is the garage door spring. The most important part of the garage door and the most dangerous, the spring is responsible for lifting the door. If you notice any significant rust or have issues with your garage door opening (or closing), call a professional. Tampering with the spring could potentially cause the door to come crashing down, resulting in a costly replacement and a potential injury. No matter how proficient you are at home repairs, it’s best to leave garage door spring repairs and most repairs to professionals who are well-reviewed. 

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