Squeaky Garage Door Repair

A squeaky garage door is an annoyance to homeowner and neighbor alike. Not only will it prevent you from slipping out of your home quietly, but will also disturb the peace of the neighborhood. Finding the cause of the squeaking will help you to rectify the problem quickly and affordably.

Lubricate the door track

Over time, the bolts, nuts and hinges that facilitate the movement of the door can rust or get stuck. This is likely to produce a squeaky sound whenever the door is opening or closing. Lubricating the door track using lithium grease is an easy and inexpensive fix.

Remove any stuck debris

Stones, dried leaves, dead bugs or any other small objects can and do get stuck in any part of garage door systems. This will result in friction whenever the door rises or lowers. Do a quick scan of all parts and remove such debris using a brush or with your hands.

Repair or replace the track

If any of the places over which the wheels run is broken, you are likely to hear a squeaky sound. Overuse can put pressure on the different parts, causing them to crack or splint. Depending on the extent of the damage, you can have the track repaired or replaced. An expert in garage doors will advise you on the best step to take.

Align the different moving parts

If the moving parts of the garage door system are misaligned, metal parts will rub against each other. This will cause a sharp squeaky sound. This problem can be corrected by getting a specialist to align the parts.

When to Call a Professional

Issues involving a malfunctioning chain, warped wheels or rollers, or bent tracks are best left to a garage door repair professional due to the dangerous nature of these repairs. Garage Door Repair Roseville is available 24/7 at 916-347-0211 to schedule service or provide a free estimate.

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