Simple Noisy Garage Door Fixes to Give You Peace of Mind

Have a noisy garage door? Fixing it is probably easier than you think. Noisy doors are usually caused by by worn rollers, loose hardware, parts that need lubricated or need anti-vibration pads. A few easy DIY fixes can save your peace of mind and make it much easier to open and close your door.

Tighten Everything

Start by tightening all the nuts and bolts of the door. Look for any worn out parts and replace them if needed. Spray all the moving parts with a quality garage door lubricant.

Replacing Worn Rollers and Hinges

Keep an eye out for worn rollers and hinges. Some doors have unsealed bearings that will self destruct as they contaminate dirt and debris. Sometimes they become so worn out that they’ll wobble and shake as you open and close the door. You might consider replacing them with nylon rollers that won’t wear out so easily. Nylon is more expensive, but won’t wear out as easily and won’t require oil. They are much quieter.

Replace rollers one at a time. If your door has torsion springs, just ignore the rollers on the bottom brackets. These springs are very dangerous.

Worn hinges can also make a lot of racket. They also cause extra wear on the door, so you’ll definitely want to get them replaced.

You’ll also want to check that the garage door opener chain is tight. If it’s loose, tighten the chain following the instructions in your owner’s manual.

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