Is It Time to Replace Your Gate Opener? 3 Things to Look Out For

An automatic gate opener is a pleasure to come across. Not only does it keep your property – whether it be commercial or residential – safe and secure, but it also makes it painless to invite guests. Automatic gate openers are the epitome of convenience and it can be draining to realize your opener isn’t operating as well as it should. A broken or faulty gate opener can make it hassle for customers and friends to visit you. That’s also not mention the potential security risks that could come with your gate opener out of commission. 

If you find that your gate openers are going through frequent repairs, it’s possible that a replacement may be more cost-efficient. 

Your Gate Opener Is Out of Alignment 

One of the sure-fire ways to know that your automatic gate opener needs repair is if the tracks are out of alignment. You’ll know something is wrong the gear rack if the gate is operating roughly against the track and won’t fully align. This can lead to loud noises and heavy vibrations, which can make opening the door painful. A grinding noise signals that your door will likely need to be replaced, or in some cases, the entire system. General wear and tear, as well as obstructions can force the gate to be misaligned. It’s important to have your gate opener frequently cleaned and inspected to prevent similar issues going forward. While it is possible to bring a gate back into alignment, it all depends on how bad the damage. You’ll likely have to replace the entire gate opener system. 

The Gate Opener’s Motor Is Broken

The most important part of an automatic gate opener is the motor. The motor is responsible for make the gate opener automatic, meaning it allows the gate open and close seamlessly without any lifting. If the motor is broken or causing frequent issues, it’s time for a replacement. You’ll know something is wrong with your automatic gate opener’s motor when the door operates in a slow or stunted manner. The motor can become damaged due to obstructions and rust, which can build up over time. Depending on where your gate opener is, it’s possible that the environment is causing issues, such as frequent instances of dust being blown or animals pecking at it. Friction is responsible for a slow or broken motor. 

Speak to a repair company about repairing the motor. It’s possible that they might have a replacement but don’t be surprised if it’s time to completely install a brand-new gate opener. 

Rust Has Taken Over Your Gate Opener 

Nothing will impact a metal or steel more than rust. If you are noticing any issues with your gate opener, keep a look out for rust, it’s possible that it has rendered your gate useless. Unfortunately, it’s hard to repair parts that have been rusted, which means replacement is the name of the game. Rust can impact your automatic gate opener’s hinges, motor, and the gate itself. While checking for rust, see if other parts of the gates are damaged. Because gate openers are outdoors, it’s likely that the environment had damaged the gate overtime. 

The Best Gate Opener Installation 

Work with a gate opener installation company to determine what next steps are. It is possible that certain automatic gate opener parts can be replaced if the over tracks or door aren’t too damaged. Most repair and installation companies will recommend replacing the system entirely, though it will be costly. The added benefit is that you’ll be able to find a gate opener that matches well with your environment, and you’ll have hindsight to take care of this system better. When you install a brand-new automatic gate opener, be sure to have it regularly inspected for issues and rust. Tell your cleaning staff to pay particular attention to the gate as well and have them clean it regularly.

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