Everything You Need To Know About Commerical Garage Doors

Garage doors come in all shapes, sizes, and have different uses. Commercial garage doors are perfect for businesses and stores who need to keep their vehicles and other valuable objects tucked away. Tons of businesses need commercial garage doors, with the most common being delivery providers and services, as well as taxi companies. Of course, hospitals, firehouses, and a whole variety of enterprises require them.

Commercial garage doors are different than traditional doors made for the home as they’re made to withstand considerable levels of wear and tear and abuse. While it’s hard to pinpoint an average, commercial doors are frequently used throughout the day, as opposed to home doors which are typically only opened and closed twice a day (or more, depending on how many cars you have). These heavy-duty doors are also great for withstanding different climates, particularly chaotic storms. 

Which Commercial Door Material Is Right for My Business? 

Contrary to the doors you might pass by on your daily commute, commercial doors don’t need to be boring, gray overhead doors. Businesses can spruce up their look by investing in a wide variety of different doors from a diverse range of materials. Of course, some do stack up better than others for certain needs, but they’ll all do a great job of dealing with daily abuse and general wear and tear. 

Glass Doors Offer the Best of Modern Style

Go modern with a stylistic glass door. There are a wide variety of glass doors on the market that can not only make your garage shine but also provide the safety that you would expect from a commercial overhead door. Safety glass, which is known for its durability and strength, is the common material used for glass doors, so don’t stress about cracks or chips. That being said, glass doors are still made out of, well, glass, so do consider how often you’ll be using the garage, as well as how accident-prone your employees might be. If have a higher budget for repairs, glass garage doors look brilliant. Fits with the majority of modern architecture and just a really great looking garage door option. 

Fiberglass Doors Are Both Durable and Customizable

Need something durable and easy on the eyes? Fiberglass might just be the way to go. These doors are made from a mix of plastic and glass, which allows them to be extremely durable, especially against storms. Fiberglass doors can be considered chameleons, as they can take on a variety of looks and finishes to compliment your business. They’re frequently used to mimic another type of material. Some Fiberglass garage doors are design to even look like they have a wooden texture. Closer to the durability of a metal door but with aesthetics closer to a glass or wooden door.

Wooden Doors Offer a Classic Garage Door Look

Nothing beats the classics! While wood doors are some of the weakest commercial offerings available, their style and look make them a fan favorite for businesses who don’t use their garage all too often. While it may not be durable against aggressive weather, the doors are still strong thanks to the use of strong lumber and wooden veneer sheets. If you’re in an area that doesn’t have intense weather, wood doors might be the perfect fit for your business. 

Steel Doors are Strong, Secure but Not for Every Look

If safety and security are key, don’t look any further than steel doors. A wide variety of commercial garage doors are made from steel. The steel material is known for its durability and protection, as well as its ability to withstand dents. While they’re not the most attractive doors, they offer enough security to sacrifice any visual charm. For areas with greater concerns for security or perhaps your team dents doors a little too often, steel is perfect. Strong and secure garage doors, perfect for protecting your assets.

When choosing a commercial garage door, it’s important to focus on your garage’s wants and needs. If it’s important for your door to be aesthetically pleasing to invite customers and clients in, choose a material and style that has either a timeless or modern look, like wood or glass doors. If safety and durability are key, steel might be the way for you. If you’re looking for an adaptable all-rounder, consider a fiberglass commercial door. Remember: all commercial garage doors are built for longevity and a ton of wear and tear, so it’s important to pick something that doesn’t just feel right but also looks easy on the eyes. 

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