How to Fix a Garage Door Photo Eye Alignment

Your garage door’s sensors are safety features designed to prevent the door from closing on children, pets, and equipment. Located above the floor at each side of the door opening, the sensors generate a low voltage beam. If something gets in between the sensors, the door stops functioning.

Check to make sure nothing is blocking the sensors such as a piece of sporting equipment or vegetation.

Cleaning the Photo Eyes

First, start by making sure both photo eyes are clean. Use a clean soapy rag to remove cobwebs, dirt buildup. Run the door again. If it still doesn’t work, you’ll need to make sure the door opener photo eyes are in alignment.

Adjust the nuts on each sensor with a socket wrench. They should be just loose enough that they can be moved by hand while still being secured to the wall. Adjust each sensor until a red or green sensor light lights up.  This means the circuits are aligned. Tighten the sensors into place again using the screwdriver.

Test the Door

Cycle the garage door again for photo eye alignment. Hopefully, it should open and close without any problems.

If it doesn’t, check the wires connected to the photo eye for damage. Wires can become twisted by something stored in the garage, or get snagged by passing kids or pets.

If it still doesn’t work, contact your garage door repairman. It be an electrical issue that requires a professional.

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