3 Types of Weather Sealants for Your Garage

Improving the weather seal of your garage door keeps not only dirt and debris out, but the rain and cold as well. This can improve your energy efficiency if the garage is attached to the house. It also prevents unwanted critters from getting into your garage, especially during Roseville’s rainy season.

There are generally three types of weather sealants for garage doors: the garage door bottom seal, the garage door weatherstrip, and the garage door threshold seal. Each is fairly easy and inexpensive to install.

Garage Door Bottom Seal

Your garage door bottom seal is a long strip of vinyl or rubber that attaches to the bottom of the door. Its flexibility forms an ideal seal when the door closes. You can usually purchase one for about $50 for a two car garage door.


Weather stripping protects both the top and the bottom of the garage door. A 30 foot strip goes for about $20, so it offers very affordable protection. Tacks are usually enclosed for simple and fast installation.

Threshold Seal

The threshold seal provides the same function as the bottom seal, only it is attached to the floor of the garage itself rather than the door. It’s usually a more durable alternative to the bottom seal. Installation is simple with an adhesive. The disadvantage of this seal is that removing water from the inside of the garage becomes more difficult. Sweeping the garage can also be challenging.

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